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The Life of King Arthur in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Brittonum
The evolution of the character that international audiences relate to King Arthur is like many fabled heroes of old, a product of great embellishment in both character and action, as documented by literary critics and historians alike. With the continuing prominence of Arthur’s image in modern film and literature, filled wi...
2,177 words
8 pages
A Comparison Between the Celtic People and Germanic People
'Heroic' Values: Celtic People vs. Germanic People Introduction The Celtic and Germanic people both lived in roughly the same period: the eighth century, give or take. These peoples had another thing in common, too: they had a Heroic Age, just as the Greeks had had. In the following pages, you will find an outline of som...
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An Analysis of the Impact of the Celts in the Traditions of the Modern Humanity
The legacy the Celts and their culture have bestowed upon the face of civilization is powerful and enduring. With their rich and intriguing history, and their complex and beautiful beliefs, they have been a great influence in many aspects of present day life, from their art and innovations, to deeply rooted traditions mod...
3,934 words
15 pages