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A Report on Charles Esdaile's Book Fighting Napoleon: Guerillas, Bandits and Adventurers in Spain
Fighting Napoleon: Guerillas, Bandits and Adventurers in Spain is a unique book that looks into the armed bands of Spanish men that attacked the French soldiers fighting in the Peninsular War. Charles Esdaile takes a unique look at different aspects of the guerrilla fighters, and posits his own argument. Esdaile’s purpose i...
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A Review of the Biography Josephine: Life of the Empress by Carolly Erickson
Carolly Erickson looks to the past to paint an unique picture of the French Empress, Josephine, born Rose Tascher in Martinique. Starting from the hurricane in which she was born, Erickson gives an extremely detailed biography of Josephine’s life. This book is intended for the general reader, and not the scholarly historian...
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The Use of Religion to Justify Political Powers in the Americas and Western Europe
How Religion Justified Political Powers in the Americas and Western Europe Western Europe and the Americas both had their governments closely tied in with their religion, however, in the Americas, religion often commanded the tribes to conquer other stationary agricultural peoples in order to appease their gods. Whereas in...
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The Importance of Cemeteries in the Middle Village
The main drag that defines Middle Village is Metropolitan Avenue. It's abuzz with small chains and mom-and-pop stores, but is so quiet on the stretches through St. John's Cemetery and the Lutheran Cemetery. To the east is wide Woodhaven Boulevard and then Forest Hills. Eliot Avenue separates it from Rego Park to the north a...
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The History of Middle Village
The Neighborhood, Middle Village, is part of Queens Community Board 5 and the zip code of Middle Village is 11379.  The approximate total population is 32,823 considering the neighborhood has an area of 1.482 square miles and a population density of 22,153 people per square mile.   Furthermore some statistics on Middle Vill...
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A Research on the Middle Village, Juniper Valley Park, Cemeteries, and the Changes in Housing
Middle Village is a peaceful neighborhood located in Queens, New York City.  The early settlers of Middle Village were of English descent and settled in 1816.  Middle Village grew up in about 1830 and received its name because it marked the midpoint for farmers on the long wagon haul between the Brooklyn ferries at the foot...
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The Misunderstanding of Historians on Robber Barons in The Myth of the Robber Barons by Burton Folsom
The Myth of the Robber Barons by Burton Folsom describes the specific qualities and actions of industrial leaders during the gilded age. Previously, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt were understood as “robber barons” who caused corruption, monopoly, and price increases on their goods and services for ill purposes. The...
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A Comparison of Historical Authors Herodotus and Tacitus
Undermining Man’s Agency When Herodotus and Tacitus wrote their histories, they both had clear goals in mind. Herodotus, as he says in his introduction, writes so that “time may not draw the color from what man has brought into being,” while Tacitus writes “without indignation or partisanship,” focusing on the demise of...
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The Plight of the Impoverished Whites of the Antebellum South
When considering the overall social, economic, and political situation of the antebellum South, emphasis is often directed towards the actions of wealthy white slaveholders, politicians, and the large slave communities. The economic boom in the 19th century as a result of the massive cotton and tobacco harvests present a so...
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The Role of the Annales in Social Science History
In the search for a concrete definition of historical truth, the trends of modern historiography throughout the 19th and 20th centuries have embraced the great strides in the fields of science, and have applied notions of quantification, statistical analysis, and critical thinking about the differing sources that historians...
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