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A Critical Analysis of a Journal Article by William M. Johnston: Some Causes of World War I and Historians' Taboos
Critical Analysis: Some Causes of World War I and Historians’ Taboos Some Causes of World War I and Historians’ Taboos is a scholarly journal article written by William M. Johnston considering the ‘What if?’ on World War I. He observes the of how Vienna dealt with World War I along with its counterfactuals and how things w...
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The Exact Causes of the First World War
Serbian Causes of The Great War The cause of the Great War, or known today as World War I, has time and time again been argued, especially as to It is easy to point fingers at Austria-Hungary, however it is necessary to examine other nations causes as well. On June 28th 1914, a Serbian terrorist tragically assassinated...
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A Look at the Paths of Germany and Great Britain Between the Concert of Europe and World War I
The time period between the Concert of Europe, and World War I, was a time of great change in Europe. As industrialization continued to entrench its roots across the continent, a new class of working class citizens found themselves toiling for long hours in factories and mines. This growing industrialization enriched and em...
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The Portrayal of Women in Propaganda during the First World War
On the onset of World War I, resistance to preparation and entry into the war became an important topic in the United States. One group that stood strong with anti-war rhetoric were women. Women were represented from many groups such as just pacifists to socialists whom outright (as a political group) did not want war and o...
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The Events of Neutrality and the United States Eventual Involvement in the War
“Be neutral in fact as well as in name…impartial in thought as well as in deed” Wilson’s official proclamation of neutrality in 1914 helped support the belief that the United States had did not have any large take in the outcome and would stay uninvolved in the war. The President wanted Americans to be neutral and imparti...
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The History and Effects of World War I
World War I World War I is acknowledged as one of the largest events in history. Before World War I began, people honored the war effort and military. However, as the war commenced, seemingly without end, this honor and pride turned to frustration and unrest. Even when the armistice was signed to end aggression, the war di...
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A Discussion on the Unsolved Problems of World War I Being the Cause of World War II
The Causes of World War II The year 1939, was the year that changed the world forever. It was the start of World War II. Germany had invaded Poland for land and made itself known to the world as a powerful country that is ready for war. The war lasted 6 years, more people died, more property got destroyed than any other wa...
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The Crucial Roles of Animals During World War I
Animals were used in World War I on an unprecedented scale, with millions playing crucial roles in the war. Although cavalry was rendered nearly obsolete by new developments in technology and weaponry, horses, donkeys, and mules were still widely used for transportation, as vehicles were still new technology and were unable...
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An Analysis of the Social Effects of World War One
The Social Effects of World War 1. Introduction. The First World War also referred to as the Great War was a global conflict between the world’s great powers. One of the major forces of the war included Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side and Great Britain, United States, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, and Italy on the...
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A Discussion on Social and Economic Factors That Contributed to the US Intervention in World War I
APUSH- WWI Essay When World War One began in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the US a neutral power in the war. However, by mid-1917, the US had declared war on Germany. The US had gone from a country that had declared its neutrality to a country that was fighting in a global war. Although there were many contr...
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