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A Study on the History of the Japanese Canadian Internment During World War II
Throughout history, Canada has relatively been a supporter of multiculturalism, with few racial conflicts.Albeit, there was one incident which had quite a controversial effect on human rights violations and discrimination. This thorn in Canada’s side is the Japanese Canadian Internment which took place during the second wo...
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President Harry S. Truman Wasn't Justified in Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japanese Cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki
World War II was a major turning point in American history. It was a major shift out of the Depressing 30s. In the beginning of the war, the US claimed neutrality but as it became clear they were helping the Allies, Axis Power Japan bombed American naval base Pearl Harbor. In August 1944, President Harry S. Truman responded...
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The Causes of a Better Life in a Post World War Two United States of America: GI Bill, Taft Harley Act, Consumerism, and Television
Post War Enlightenment The promises of a bright future after the long and exhausting trials of World War Two was an ideology in the hearts of American veterans. Following the tribulations of the Second World War, a new era was ushered in by the post economic boom and the careful planning of the American government. The Ame...
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The Life of an American Soldier during the Second World War
Mary Louise Roberts' "What Soldiers Do: Sex and the American GI in
WWII France" explores a side of the armed forces that many people do not
want to have to look at and consider. Her focus on the issues of sex,
assault and the military open a discussion that few are willing to have.
While many are quick to patriotically defe...
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The German Objections of the Treaty of Versailles and the Life of Adolf Hitler
The year is 1919. The war to end all wars has terminated in an Axis
power loss. The result: a peace treaty formed by the Allied powers at the
city of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was written by the victors
and presented to the Germans as an ultimatum. The Germans complained that
the treaty violated Woo...
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An Examination of the Holocaust and the Role of America During World War II
America and the Holocaust That a museum to memorialize the victims of the Nazi Holocaust should exist in the United States is both understandable and somewhat confusing. On one hand America played a pivotal role in defeating the Nazis and liberating several concentration camps as well as prosecuting and punishing many of...
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An Analysis of the Importance of the Homefront of World War Two
The effects of the home front of WWII This essay will gloss over the importance of the homefront of World War II, and take into consideration the extent in which the home front changed the outcome of the war and the society of America. Using numerous online sources, data, and interviews found within the public domain, I wa...
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The Massacre of the Allied Troops During the Battle of Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Omaha Beach
A battle that left many Allied troops dead before they could get off of their transport vessel, let alone fire a shot at the enemies soon to seal their fate, will forever lie in the minds of Americans across the Nation as one of the most memorable battles to ever gleam upon U.S. history. June 6, 1944 left a mark on the U.S....
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The Significance of the Allied Use of Air Power During World War Ii in Africa
Part A: Plan of the Investigation While most combat in Africa during World War II was carried out by tanks, almost every major battle involved the use of air power. Air power was also used extensively outside of battles. The question of this investigation is therefore, “What was the significance of the Allied use of air po...
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Night by Elie Wiesel: The Use of Storytelling to Portray the Terrifying Nature of Holocaust
In the course of human history, storytelling has been a vital element. It has, for all of recorded history, embodied and reflected our memories that make us who we are in order to create a physical essence of our personality and history. Elie Wiesel proved the importance of storytelling through the important, traumatic, and...
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