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The Reintroduction of Military Combat in Japan Since World War II
After World War II, Japan adopted a policy of “forever renouncing war as a sovereign right of the nation.” However, the current Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is working to re-allow military combat for the first time since World War II. In this discussion, people discuss what could possibly happen to Japan’s diplomati...
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An Investigation of the Leading Theories as the Actual Cause of the Second Great War
The First World War began in August, 1914. It was directly triggered by the assassination of the Austrian archduke, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, on 28th June, 1914 by Bosnian revolutionary, GavriloPrincip. While this started a chain of events that directly led to the fighting, the actual root causes are much deeper and are...
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A World Still in Chaos after the Second World War
With the fall of Germany and the subsequent ending of the World War
II, the Allied powers felt the pressing need to address the issues of
totalitarian rule and also to ensure that no such empire shall ever see the
light of day. With the massive casualty on both sides and the immense
damages to properties and resources, majo...
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The Real Mastermind Behind the Holocaust
Assessment of Blame for the Holocaust Who really is to blame 100% for the Holocaust? There are so many people that could have stood up and spoken out in regards to the Holocaust and possibly saved some of the Jews. The main person that I believe is mostly responsible is Adolf Hitler. He is the one who wanted the Jews de...
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The Effects of the American Occupation in Japan
The occupation of Japan was, from the beginning to the end, an American operation. General Douglas MacArthur, sole supreme commander of the Allied Power was in charge of it. The Americans had insufficient men to make a military government of Japan possible; so they decided to act through the existing Japanese government. Ge...
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The Different Causes of the Second World War
Causes of World War II Many historians have traced the causes of World War II to problems left unsolved by World War I (1914-1918). World War I and the treaties that ended it also created new political and economic problems. Forceful leaders in several countries took advantage of these problems to seize power. T...
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A History of Extremist Groups in the World from the Nazi's to ISIS
Paper 5 When it comes to the well being of the world, there are many signs that it is in fact getting better. We can analyze all of the obvious signs such as life longevity, implication of democratic states, and even world economies. But here’s what we don’t think about: the ways in which it is actually just staying the sa...
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Pain and Sacrifice for Unity in the Ideology of Hitler
Pain and Sacrifice for Unity The ideology of the Nazi party did not sprout up on its own. It was built upon the ideas of a strong totalitarian leader, Adolf Hitler, whose speeches could persuade most anybody. He could plant shameful ideas, such as anti-Semitism, into the brains of naïve German citizens and even convinc...
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The Importance of World War II for Canadian History
The Second World War was a crucial event in Canadian history. Canada carried out an important role in the “Battle of the Atlantic”, and also played a vital role in the air wars over Germany. They also contributed forces to Western Europe, beyond what was expected from a small nation of approximately 11 million people. Betwe...
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The Reasons for the Decolonisation of the British Empire and the Circumstances in the British Empire During and After World War II
The British Empire is often called the most influential and the largest empire in human history. Starting with a few overseas possessions and trading posts, the British Empire eventually covered almost a quarter of the Earth’s total land area and spread her cultural, political and linguistic legacy to its colonies. It used...
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