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The Effects of Israel's Actions Regarding the West Bank and Gaza on Israel's Relationship With Palestine
Plan of Investigation The relationship between Israel and Palestine has never truly been stable. Tension has only risen since the establishment of Israel’s statehood in 1948 and the start of the Intifadas. This is an investigation of how Israel’s actions regarding the West Bank and Gaza, from 1967 to the present ha...
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Have the Hadassah Affected the Current State of Israel and the Lives of the Jews Within?
Driving Question: Being that the Hadassah was formed over a century ago the focal question to be looked at is whether or not the Hadassah have affected the current state of Israel and the lives of the Jews within, and how have they done so? An Impact The history of the Hadassah begins with one woman, Henrietta Szold. Rais...
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Changes in Religion
External vs. Internal Change in a Religion Doubt is one of the most compelling arguments known to man. It can fester in one’s mind, resulting in irrational or previously inconceivable ideas; and when those seeds take root, they are near impossible to wash away. Doubt is also the antithesis of Faith, it is what convinces pe...
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An Overview of the Tradition and Traditional Values in the Jewish Hassidic Religion
Religious Tradition In the Jewish Hassidic Religion, tradition and traditional values are entrenched in the believers who follow them. Hassidic Jews practice their religions to the great detail which creates an identity in the community. Men and women who practice hassidim often identify as a Hasidic Jew, rather than of...
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Similarities and Differences Between Jewish Attempts to Survive and Thrive in Muslim Societies from 750-1500 and from 1850-1948
Research question: What main similarities and differences do you see between Jewish attempts to survive and thrive in majority Muslim societies from 750-1500 and from 1850-1948? From 750 -1948 Jews and Muslims were together in some way. For the most part, Jews and Muslims had a direct relationship with one another that al...
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The Two Opposing Rabbinical Theologies of Revelation Through the Views of Zetterholm
Growing up, I could not understand how Jewish culture had turned its religion into an endless encyclopedia of rules and regulations. I did not understand why Jesus found it necessary to clarify all the intricacies of Old Testament law, and I did not understand why those intricacies had been invented in the first place. As I...
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A Biography and Impact of Jewish King David
One of the most important figures in Jewish history is King David. He was born in Bethlehem in 907 BC to the family of Jesse. He grew up as a shepherd and was skillful in music. While young, David had a frustrating life in the shadow of his brothers. However, as he grew, David courage began to exhibit itself. For example, h...
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The History, Ideology, and Impact of Messianic Judaism
Messianic Jews are members of a Judeo-Christian movement that combine
various elements of Christianity with traditional religious practices and
way of life in Judaism. Messianic Judaism can, therefore, be argued to be a
Syncretism of Judaism and Christianity. In his book Post-Missionary
Messianic Judaism: Redefining Christi...
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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Sermons of the Jewish, Historically Developed, a Book by Leopold Zunz
The document Scholarship and Emancipation, is a section of the preface to the book by Judaist historian Leopold Zunz, titled The Sermons of the Jewish, Historically Developed. The book was published in 1832, posing as one of Zunz’s first major works. The preface of the book alone explores Zunz’s views of Jewish emancipation...
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The History of Baghdadi Jews and the Effects of Their Arrival to India
In modern day discussions regarding Jewish history, much attention tends to go towards the history of Jews in Europe, specifically pivotal events such as the Holocaust. Much of this attention paid to Jews across Europe is appropriate, given the intense occurrences of events infused by the overarching antisemitism toward Eur...
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The Wisdom of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible
As if this were the beginning of a funny joke; what does a man who loses everything and two wisdom literature books have in common? A lot! In fact the commonalities and writing styles are so apparently close among Job, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs that Jewish Scholars have paired them together (along with Sirach and Wisdom of...
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Advancements in Women's Religious Opportunities in Judaism as Shown in Women and World Religions
Advancements in Women’s Religious Opportunities in Judaism as shown in “Women and World Religions” Judaism originated from an ancient Israelite religion around the time 586B.C. All the way through world history, the Jews were always put down and oppressed. The few who escaped are now alive and well living happy lives in...
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The Diary of Anne Frank Is an Optimistic and Beautiful Work
Anne Frank, a young girl with beautiful attitude The Diary of Anne Frank, written by Anne Frank herself, is a wonderful classic work. It brings readers through many stages of emotion and makes them see a very different reality, one that they never thought a young girl would experience. As I finished the book, what impress...
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An Analysis of the Topic of the Reconstruction of the Past and the Creation of Jewish Sacred Space in the State of Israel
“Reconstructing the Past: The Creation of Jewish Sacred Space in the State of Israel, 1948-1967,” by Gideon Bar explains how that since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Israeli government has been trying to identify with symbolic Jewish folklore figures. The article goes into great detail about the fact that s...
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The History and Myths About Judaism
Judaism Judaism is a monotheistic religion that is usually believed to have begun In 2000 B.C.E in the Middle East with the patriarch of the faith Abraham (Krell, Nadler “Judaism”). Abraham is referred to as the father of the faith because Judaism began when God made a covenant with Abraham, who then became Abram (Life...
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A Biography of Josephus
Josephus Josephus’s writings contain some of the most important information regarding the Jews in the early Roman period. After the bible his work was the next most crucial and detailed text of Jewish history. His works are not only important to the Jewish faith but the Christian one as well. He wrote autobiographical...
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A History of the Anti-Jewish Riots of Alexandria
The Anti-Jewish Riots of Alexandria; Political Struggle because of Flaccus The Anti-Jewish riots of Alexandria began as a political struggle between the Jews, Egyptians, and Greeks. The Greeks and Egyptians feared the Jewish community ascending to political power when the Romans gained power in Egypt. Before this Jews...
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