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A Review of the Sphinx of Damascus, a Book by Moshe Maoz
Book Report- Asad: The Sphinx of Damascus by Moshe Maoz Reading the only biography of Hafez al-Asad written originally in English was a great opportunity to learn about Asad’s life and legacy. Asad’s presidency, like most American presidencies, was loved by some and hated by others. While Asad is praised for making Syria m...
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The History of the Persian Empire
The Wise Lord in Persia Most people in the United States today know of Persia as the villain from the 300 movies, and then think very little about the once-great Empire beyond that. If they do bother to think about Persian religion, they probably assume, as I did, that they were polytheists who worshipped a host of deities...
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The Difference between the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties
Umayyad and the Abbasid dynasties Although the Umayyads and the Abbasids had the same religion they had their
difficulties. These differences led to the two groups of Muslims today, The
Sunni and The Shia. After Muhammad's death his followers had troubles with
administration. This brought on "civil war". Many people tried...
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A History of Conflict in the Middle East
The region on the Middle East has long served as a setting for conflict. Because of its religious significance to all of the Abrahamic faiths, the middle east has been the stage for many contests between members of these competing groups. One such conflict that has left a scar in the collective memory of those people involv...
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A Brief History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is one that has raged over a span of sixty plus years, and which causes have dated back almost two thousand. At the heart of this conflict is a basic idea that both sides believe they entitled to the land now known as Israel. Religious Jewish Israelis and religious Muslim Palestinians believ...
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A Discussion on the Origins of War in Iraq and the War Situation
Abstract This essay is concerned with the United States invasion into Iraq and
the Iraq war. The essay explains the origin of the war and the actual war
situation in Iraq. With the help of International relations theories, this
research article addresses the root causes of the Iraq war, the emerging
Jihadist groups fr...
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A Deep Analysis of the War between the United States and Iraq
Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to analyze the Iraq war deeply.
The United States and Iraq had been in trade relationship traditionally
where U.S imported oil from Iraq. To write this paper I had to dig deeply
into the book of history and develop the real meaning and the experiences
of Iraq War. Alongs...
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The Contribution of the United States to the Rise of ISIS
Abstract The Iraq war is an historical exposition of contemporary shape of the
world politics. It shows the extent of imperialism by powerful nations such
as the US and the contribution to the deterioration of small economies.
This paper seeks to examine the contribution of the US to the rise of Iraq
in ISIS. The pape...
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A Discussion on the Effects of the War With Iraq and the Expansion of Contemporary US Imperialism
Abstract The Iraq is a historical moment that the whole world experienced
especially through the broad exposition of contemporary US imperialism.
The effects of this war have been felt to date through the continued
conflict between the two nations until the reign of President Obama. This
paper clearly examines the bri...
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An Exploration of the History of the War With Iraq, the Rise of ISIS and the Possible Resolutions for the War
Abstract The Iraq war is one that will not be forgotten in history of the US
and practice of imperialism. The aftermath of this war is the massacres;
economic effect in Iraq as well as the conflict between these two nations.
This paper seeks to explore the history of the war against the Iraq and its
rise in ISIS. It a...
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