12 Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples to Help Your Next Essay

Think of your favorite movie. Got it? Now think about the opening scene. What does that scene accomplish?

For most, the opening scene draws the viewer in, introduces one or more of the main characters, and gives the audience a taste of what the movie is going to be about.

argumentative thesis statement examples
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That’s exactly what your argumentative essay introduction should do. It should draw your reader in, give a little background information, and let your audience know what the rest of the essay will be about.

That last part–letting your audience know what the rest of your essay will be about–is the thesis statement, and it might be one of the most important parts of your essay.

What Is a Thesis Statement and Why Is It so Important?

The thesis statement is usually the last part of the introduction, following the hook and background information. In the case of an argumentative essay, it will concisely tell your position on the topic and the reasons for your position.

So why is it so important?

Your argumentative essay will, naturally, be judged and graded on the strength of your argument. It’s the thesis statement that tells your readers exactly what your argument is, while the rest of your paper works to defend that argument.

But don’t worry, you’re not completely on your own. I’m going to give you some argumentative thesis statement examples to get you on the right track and take your essay from a B-movie status to a blockbuster hit.

Feel free to use these examples as a starting point for your own thesis statement. I’ve also linked to some example essays to inspire you even more.

argumentative thesis statement examples
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A Dozen Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples

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Topic #1: Should standardized tests be eliminated?

Standardized tests should not be eliminated completely, but should rather be evaluated in addition to other factors such as grades, extracurricular activities, and volunteer hours. This would take pressure off of students during standardized tests, allow colleges to see how well-rounded the students are, and give students who are better in other areas a greater chance to further their education.

Topic #2: Is the cost of tuition appropriate?

Lowering the cost of tuition by at least 50% would lead to less student debt and allow more students to attend college, which, in turn, would increase the amount of educated people in the general public.

Topic #3: Are extracurricular activities important in high school?

Extracurricular activities such as sports, music, art, and theater are extremely important because they can give students a better sense of belonging, an idea of what they want to do for a living, and the confidence to perform well in other subject areas.

Topic #4: Is a college degree necessary in today’s society?

A college degree is necessary for most people to achieve success in today’s society because many entry-level jobs won’t hire people without a degree, and it gives graduates more options in case their high school rock band doesn’t make it out of the garage; while there are other avenues one could take, the majority of career paths will require college education.

Topic #5: At what age should children stop getting an allowance?

Children should stop receiving allowance at age 15 because they are able to work outside of the home at this age, they will have three years to adjust to a job environment before they are legally an adult, and it creates less burden on the parents because the children will be able to pay for more of their own needs.

Topic #6: At what age should kids have cell phones?

Parents should allow their kids access to cell phones when the children start going out on their own. It gives kids the ability to call a parent if they are lost or in trouble, teaches kids responsibility, and saves them from possible ridicule from peers about not having what has become a basic piece of technology.

argumentative thesis statement examples
Image by Thiago Marques  (Creative Commons)

Topic #7: What is one thing the government should be researching more in order to help the environment?

The government should be researching more effective ways to harness solar power because the world needs to eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels, solar power is the most abundant renewable resource, and the current production methods still pollute the environment and need improvement.

Topic #8: Should parents reward children for good grades and punish them for bad grades?

Parents should reward children for good grades, but not punish them for bad grades; rewarding children will make them want to get more good grades, but punishing them can possibly make them feel inadequate and less likely to seek help to improve those grades.

Topic #9: Should students be graded on homework?

Students should only be graded on homework completion, not the correctness of homework, because students may need more time to fully grasp a concept, they will feel less stressed about their overall homework load, and they need the chance to get an answer wrong every once in a while without fear of punishment.

Topic #10: Should college football players get paid to play?

College football players should get paid to play because they put at least as much time into practicing as most college students put into working, they don’t have time for a side job, and not paying them creates a double standard in regards to paying professional athletes.

Topic #11: Should schools be segregated by sex?

Schools should not be segregated by sex because integration teaches kids valuable social and dating skills and exposes them to different perspectives and ways of thinking within the classroom.

Topic #12: What is the right amount of television that kids should watch per day?

Kids should be able to watch television for the same amount of time that they put into reading for the day. This rule would ensure that kids read more, that their free time isn’t completely dominated by the television, and it would give them a greater sense of autonomy by enabling them, in effect, to choose how much television they are able to watch based on their reading time.

How to Use These Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples in Your Next Essay

These argumentative thesis statement examples are meant to serve as possible inspiration–don’t use them verbatim. That would be plagiarism, and besides, it would rob the world of your unique thoughts about the issues at hand.

Look at each example and note what they have in common–each states a clear position on a given issue and then lists a few reasons for that position. Each of those reasons will serve as the topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

If you need even more ideas, check out 10 More Thesis Statement Examples to Inspire Your Next Argumentative Essay. If thesis statements terrify you, try reading What Twitter Can Teach You About Writing a Thesis Statement.

Now, go out and make your own strong arguments. And don’t forget, if you’re still having trouble turning your essay into a box office sensation, the Kibin editors can help you wow your critics.

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