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It's All About You
Do you have great ideas---but stumble over the words to express them? Is English your second language? Is your research finished---but not polished?

I can help.

I have been editing for over 10 years. I have worked on books, research papers, book chapters, theses, grant proposals, essays, business letters, short stories, pitches, personal statements, resumes, cover letters, and a range of other business and personal projects.

Professional, Personal Service
My goal is your success. Whether you are looking for a straight-forward proof or an in-depth analysis of your work, I can assist you in effectively communicating your ideas and enhancing your sentences. As a former instructor, I understand some of the most common problems faced by writers. I can help you work past those to make your writing sparkle.

  • 10+ years editing and proofreading experience
  • Specializing in science, technology, business, and ESL
  • Native speaker
  • Former teacher

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