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I believe everyone can write—and anyone can be coached to write well! What’s important to me as an editor: commitment to understanding your intent, providing edits and feedback with long-term benefits, and absolute respect for you and your work. I’m a former head of strategy and marketing who’s done time in a variety of industries ranging from toys and software to highly-complex technologies, in settings ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500 giants. I’ve written patents used by the Society of Automotive Engineers, led a branding team in preparation for a high-profile IPO, and taught both Research/Argumentation and Creative Writing to undergraduates. I'm also a teen mentor and member of the Inclusion/Diversity/Equity/Access team at WriteGirl. I’m excited to leverage these diverse experiences in service of my clients!

What types of documents do you enjoy editing the most?

I enjoy editing any document that I can help burnish to a high polish. I have extensive experience coaching and editing the work of business professionals, new and published authors of fiction (and screenwriters), as well as English-language learners in a university setting. Sometimes the most brilliant inquiries and analyses are hidden deep inside the complex language of an early draft. It’s incredibly satisfying to read the work carefully and shepherd those emerging ideas to the page.

In what subject areas are you an expert?

My general subject-matter expertise lies in the humanities, business, fiction, and screenwriting, and I have specific experience in engineered products and services, software, consumer goods, energy, new markets, government, market and economic analysis, entertainment, and the automotive industry. My academic background is in English literature, business, and creative writing, and I currently serve on the editorial board of a distinguished international literary journal.

What do you do when you’re not editing on Kibin?

Climbing peaks, annoying my teenager, and playing with my doggo.
  • BA, English Literature
  • MBA, former head of marketing and strategic planning
  • MFA, Creative Writing
  • Experience: Published Author of Fiction and Nonfiction, Business Strategist, Screenwriter, Lecturer (Creative Writing, Rhetoric/Argumentation)
  • Longlisted for Academy Nicholl Fellowship, PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition, Scriptapalooza
  • Winner, Script Pipline Pitch Competition

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