20 Strong Topics for a Smart Education Essay

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re a student who has spent most of your life in school. Think about all those hours in the classroom combined with all those hours studying and all those hours in extracurricular activities.

You’ve probably spent the majority of your waking hours in some school-related task.

Apparently, it’s not enough to focus all your waking hours on school. Now, you have to write a paper about education.

For some of you, I’m sure it’s all a little too much talk of school and education, and sometimes being immersed in the subject means that it can be difficult to find your way to the perfect essay topic.

In need of a little education inspiration? Check out these 20 topics for your education essay.

education essay

20 Strong Topics for a Smart Education Essay

When writing about education, a few topics always seem to resurface: school uniforms, prayer in school, and school lunches.

While these topics can result in a good paper, it’s always a smart idea to choose a more original topic.

It’s more fun to write about something original, and your teacher will appreciate reading about a more unique topic.

Ready to impress your teacher? Here are 20 smart topics (divided into five education-related categories) for an education essay.

Essay Topics About Elementary Education

education essay

#1: Should elementary students be allowed time for recess?

Some schools are focusing so much on academics that they’re sacrificing recess for additional classroom time. Others argue that play is an important part of development and that all elementary-age children deserve recess.

Thinking about writing an argument essay but not sure what a finished product might look like? Check out these two example essays (with annotations).

#2: Homework in elementary schools

If you’re writing about homework in elementary schools, your discussion might focus on whether there should be homework at the elementary level, or you might discuss how much homework should be assigned.

This topic would make a great persuasive essay as you could attempt to convince teachers not to assign homework.

#3: Technology in education

It’s pretty much accepted that technology is a part of education, but how much technology should be used in the elementary classroom? Should students use tablets in class? Should they complete homework and/or coursework online?

This topic also lends itself to a pros and cons essay because you can examine both the positive and negative effects of elementary students using technology in the classroom.

Interested in reading one writer’s thoughts on the topic? Read The Negative Effects of Technology on the Education of Students.

#4: Cursive writing

For years, the teaching of cursive writing has been on the decline, and many schools today don’t even teach handwriting. Consider whether handwriting is a lost art and whether children should be taught cursive writing.

This is another topic that would make an excellent argument essay.

If you want to broaden the scope of this topic, you might try researching the history of handwriting (and the teaching of cursive writing) and then explain the relevance (or irrelevance) of handwriting for today’s students.

Essay Topics About Secondary Education

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“High School” by Nick Youngson, Picserver.org (CC BY-SA 3.0)

#5: Dress codes in public schools

Writing about dress codes in public schools doesn’t mean you have to write about school uniforms. Even though many schools don’t require students to wear uniforms, they do have specific guidelines for what students may or may not wear to school.

A paper about dress codes might compare and contrast dress codes between schools. You might also compare and contrast the varying rules for males and females as some argue that school dress codes unfairly target females.

Not sure how to approach this topic? Read this example essay: The Issue of Dress Code Violations in Schools in the United States.

#6: Later start times in high schools

Ever struggle to get up before dawn just to sit in a classroom, still half-asleep, and try to learn chemistry or learn about personification in Romeo and Juliet? It’s not an easy task, is it?

Teens need sleep, and some research indicates the pushing high school start times back will increase learning.

Not sure whether you believe that line of thinking? Why not complete your own research, learn what the experts say, and draw your own conclusions? If you need a little help with sources, check out 5 Best Resources to Help With Writing a Research Paper.

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#7: Standardized testing for high school students

There are all sorts of standardized tests required of students. High school students might take placement tests for AP courses, state-mandated tests (tied to the school’s funding), or entrance exams for college.

If you’re writing about standardized testing, you’ll have a list of subtopics to choose from, so it’s important that you narrow your topic.

For instance, you might argue whether tests should be tied to funding, you might examine whether some tests are biased or discriminatory to certain groups, or you might examine the test anxiety that many students feel when taking standardized tests.

#8: Should American students be required to learn a second language?

Even though English is often used as a universal language in many parts of the world, some feel as though American students should learn another language as it improves their cognitive abilities and helps them appreciate diversity.

Looking for a way to get started on this topic? Try mapping, listing, or another form of prewriting to develop and organize your ideas.

Essay Topics About K-12 Education

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#9: Traditional education vs. online education

If you want to write about traditional education vs. online education, you could certainly write a compare and contrast essay or a pros and cons essay.

But if you’re allowed to write a personal essay, consider writing an opinion essay on your thoughts about the two types of education. You might also write a narrative essay to share your story about traditional or online learning.

#10: Public vs. charter schools

Do you need to do some original research for a paper, or are you in need of an idea for an observation essay?

If so, this topic might be just what you’re looking for. By spending some time in classrooms, talking to teachers and/or students, you can report your observations and highlight key similarities and differences between the two.

Or you could perhaps focus on one component (such as classroom management) and discuss how each school handles the situation.

#11: Armed security in schools

With reports of violence in high schools seemingly increasing, many have suggested that armed guards (or even police) should protect schools. Others, however, argue that this military-type environment isn’t appropriate for schools.

If your paper includes more than just a basic discussion of security in schools, you might want to include a little background information about gun control. (Consider one of these gun control articles.)

#12: Year-round education

Though proponents of year-round education claim that the schedule helps children retain information otherwise lost during a lengthy school break, others claim that the shorter break does not affect retention of learned material.

Want to learn more about both sides of the issue? Check out the example essay titled education essay

#13: Payment for college athletes

Not too many people would want to show up for work every day and not get paid, but some argue that’s exactly what’s expected of college athletes. The opposition, however, argues that athletes are paid through scholarships and thus fairly compensated.

If you’d like to see how one writer developed this argument, read How to Write a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide.

#15: Student loan forgiveness

Imagine taking out a bunch of student loans then having most (or all) of those loans forgiven just for going to work. Pretty sweet deal, right?

That’s exactly what some public servants, such as teachers and some medical professionals, are allowed to do if they work in poor, under-served communities.

If you’re someone who is eligible for loan forgiveness, you’re likely all for it. However, if you’re working in another profession, it’s easy to see why you might not think such programs are fair.

Thus, if you chose to write about this topic, do so objectively. Don’t let your personal bias stand in the way of writing an effective essay.

#16: Free speech on college campuses

Traditionally, college campuses have been a place of varied opinions and freedom of speech. However, with modern political events and a polarized electorate, some have called these freedoms into question.

This is another topic that can quickly turn into a biased opinion, so choose your words carefully. You’re certainly allowed to express your opinion, but do so respectfully. Keep your audience in mind as you write as well.

Education Essay Topics for Prospective Teachers

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#17: Classroom management

Any new teacher has to learn (usually the hard way) how to best manage a classroom full of students.

If you’re studying to be a teacher and want to have a few tricks up your sleeve before stepping foot into your own classroom, try a standard research paper to learn a few effective strategies.

Interested in seeing what an actual classroom management plan might look like? Read A Report on the Philosophies of Education and a Personal Classroom Management Plan.

#18: Educating special needs students

If you’re not specifically studying special education, you likely won’t get much training in techniques that will best serve your students with special needs, so a research paper will likely be a smart choice when writing about this topic.

Writing a longer, more formal research paper and need a few tips? Read How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper and The Stress-Free Guide to MLA Essay Format (8th Edition) (or APA essay format, depending on your essay guidelines).

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#19: Helicopter parenting

Let’s say you work in early childhood education, and Mom or Dad just won’t leave Taylor’s side when they drop her off in the morning. How do you explain to the parent that, while some involvement is a good thing, too much can definitely be harmful to the child?

Or let’s say you work in a high school and Mom or Dad insists that you allow Jordan to make up his missed homework, even though he was warned and had several chances to do so. How do you explain that Jordan must accept the consequences for such behavior?

This is another one of those topics that may lend itself to some heavy research, especially if you’re examining psychological impact or social skills.

Need help organizing all your sources? Read How to Write an Annotated Bibliography That Works.

#20: Identifying students’ learning styles

Understanding students’ learning styles takes more than just reading a few articles or listening to a few lectures.

Working with individual students and completing your own research is a smart strategy. You can put your own learning into practice while exploring your own hypothesis about how best to identify your students’ learning styles.

Continuing Education

education essay

Even though you’ve selected a strong topic for your education essay, your work isn’t quite done. There’s always more to learn about writing.

Here are a few additional resources to help you write an awesome education essay:

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